Sunlar Solar Ltd

is the global leader in supply of solar energy products for grid and off-grid customers. Since its commercial launch in October 2007, has connected more than 200,000 homes in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and currently establishing supply channels to Rwanda and South Sudan, and is now adding over 100 new homes each day. The success of Sunlar Solar Limited stems from making solar products affordable to low-income households

Our Products

Our products are classifies as Lighting, Entertainment and Big Systems;

a) Lighting products:

This are sets of products that provide lighting and phone charging to our clients, we have produced 1,2,and 3 bulb systems with lithium

battery, charging pins, panel, motion sensors and Streetlights. All systems use Lithium ion battery which gives long life with high quality panels.

b) Entertainment:

This are category of products all DC 5V with inbuilt lithium battery rechargeable by solar systems. This products go hand in hand with the lighting devices and have proved to be hot sale in all countries. They include, powerbanks, Radios, Woofers, Headphones, Microphones with Bluetooth, SD, USB, sound enhancement features

c) Big Systems:

This systems range from 50w to one kilowatt, This includes Solar incubator, Ironing box, Tv systems fitted fully with its panel, battery, charge controller and inverter and cablings for lighting among others

Our vision

To Light Your World Through Solar Technology

Our Mission

To ensure that affordable, high quality off grid solar products are sourced and distributed to all.

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