Sunlar Solar ltd

is the global leader in supply of solar energy for off-grid customers. Since its commercial launch in October 2007, has connected more than 200,000 homes in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and currently establishing supply channels to Rwanda and South Sudan, and is now adding over 100 new homes each day. The success of Sunlar Solar Limited stems from making solar products affordable to low-income household.

Our Mission

To ensure that high quality off grid solar products are sourced and distributed to low income earners especially in remote area East and central and make solar energy affordable to all.

Our vision

To light up your world through solar technology

Our Clients

Currently, We have partnerships with:

MFIs, Saccos, Women Groups, SHG, Companies, NGOs, Factories

just to mention but a few. In regard to this, as of Jan 2017, Sunlar Solar Limited had connected over 200,000 homes to affordable solar power. Current customers will make projected savings of 3000000 Million over the next four years. Sunlar Solar Limited customers will enjoy 50 million hours of kerosene-free lighting per month. Total employment created in East Africa is 2,500.

And this is why partner for a brighter business future. WELCOME and THANK YOU for doing business with us.

Our Patners

Kenya Women Financial Trust

M pesa

Equity Bank